About us

WineOnline, a new way to understand and taste wine from home. The idea is simple and innovative.
We have asked ourselves: Why is not possible to share the experience of a wine tasting with people through the web?
The answer has been simple: we have to give to all the participants the same glass with the same wine during the online tasting.
We have been able to make it and we are launching the first great online and live tasting that have never been organized, each at its home, in every part of the world at the same time.
The four founders, leaded by Bernardo Conticelli and Andrea Pecchioni, have a mixed background of longtime experience in the wine industry and in digital communication, and this is what made possible to create this platform as we are convinced that to better know a wine region, a grape variety, a wine producer is necessary not only to talk about but also be able to get to the tasting.
Now all of this is possible, because WineOnLine is about to knock to your door.

WineOnLine is a WOL TASTING srl brand.

WOL TASTING srl Via Giovanni Bovio, 19, 50136 Firenze – info@wineonline.wine

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